Viral Video of Glass Bottles and Jars Being Thrown Down a Staircase Sparks Controversy

A video depicting glass jars and bottles being tossed down a staircase has ignited a debate about food waste.

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For those seeking it, the internet is brimming with ASMR videos, which stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,’ a term used to describe pleasurable sensations like tingling or shivers caused by visual, auditory, and cognitive stimuli. Every day, millions of people watch these types of productions in search of relaxation, increased concentration, or even a better night’s sleep. There’s something for everyone, from whispered voices to the sound of soda cans being opened, papers being folded, or objects being crushed.


However, a new trend within these videos has sparked a debate about waste, particularly food waste. The latest trend involves hurling glass bottles and jars filled with beverages, food, or colored balls down a staircase and observing as the glass, liquid, and whatever is inside the containers spread across the steps.

The images, which have already been viewed by millions of people, have elicited varied reactions. While some find it almost hypnotic to watch the glass shatter, others believe that this practice is not only a waste of food and drink but also of time and energy, as the mess left by each destroyed object needs to be cleaned up.


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