Mysterious and Bright Object Crosses the Australian Sky and Alarms People; Watch the Video

A video captured by a resident of the Australian city of Melbourne shows the mysterious and bright object crossing the sky.

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A large fireball that streaked across the Australian sky left many astonished and curious about the nature of the incandescent object. Numerous individuals reported hearing a loud boom after witnessing a brilliant light streaking across the sky, leaving a trail of flames.


Residents of Melbourne and other localities initially speculated that it might have been a meteor, but the Australian Space Agency stated in a release that the light show was likely caused by debris from a Russian rocket reentering the atmosphere.

The space agency mentioned that the Russian authorities had notified the launch and that the rocket’s remnants were intended to reenter the atmosphere and fall into the ocean off the southeast coast of Tasmania. Astronomer Alan Duffy from Swinburne University of Technology also explained that the colors produced as the object crossed the sky suggested that it was of human-made origin.

“So, pieces were coming off this object and, in turn, were burning, so what that means is what we’re seeing up there is something very large, traveling very fast,” Duffy told ABC Radio Melbourne. “The fact that it’s burning so intensely and for so long indicates that it’s sizable,” he said; “now, whether something landed on the ground or not, that’s the one thing I’m not sure about.”


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