During flight, flight attendant gives a ‘show’ singing Ed Sheeran; watch the video

A well-intentioned flight attendant with not quite as much talent decided to entertain the passengers on his flight by singing an Ed Sheeran hit; the video captured by a passenger won the hearts of internet users.

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During a short flight from Cambodia to Vietnam, a flight attendant decided to amuse the passengers, who had no onboard entertainment, by singing to them. Without any hesitation, the young man took the microphone for announcements and let his voice out.

Well, intentions count; the goodwill was truly there, but the talent was not as much. Singing the hit ‘Perfect’ by English singer Ed Sheeran, with a distinctive accent, the flight attendant captured the passengers’ attention and hearts with his gesture.

The video taken by a passenger spread across social media, and the flight attendant’s initiative to spontaneously organize a karaoke session was highly praised; some people even recognized him from other flights. His voice might not have been the most tuneful, but his willingness to please makes up for everything.

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