Video of a girl wearing a luminous hat on a night flight left many people outraged

The video of a little girl wearing a luminous hat during a night flight left many people outraged.

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We know that spending many hours on an airplane can be stressful; the space is small, there are many people, and for children, it can be challenging to contain their energy and have to sit for so many hours. But there should always be common sense from all parties involved, parents, and passengers, to ensure a peaceful journey.


Empathy should come from all sides, and perhaps that’s why a video showing an airplane being illuminated by a little girl’s hat sparked so much discussion. In the clip, we first see the back of the airplane, which is crowded with passengers, and gradually, the images shift to the front of the aircraft; the aisle becomes increasingly illuminated until the camera reaches the source of light: the bright hat of a young passenger.

The hat in the shape of an animal blinks, lifts its ears, and lights up the entire cabin with colorful lights, putting an end to anyone’s chances of sleeping. The images went viral on social media and left many people outraged at the situation; some even suggested flights without the presence of children.

Even a flight attendant shared her opinion after seeing the video; she believed that the hat was not an appropriate item to be used: “As a flight attendant, I would say to put that aside. There are people trying to rest, read, watch a movie, etc.” For most, this would be the ideal thinking, but unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way.


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