Monkey rescued from the deadly grip of an anaconda by tourists; watch the video

The video filmed by tourists in Bonito (MS) shows the little monkey screaming as it’s attacked by a huge anaconda.

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The footage of the capuchin monkey writhing in agony while being captured by an anaconda was recorded in 2022, but it has only now taken over social media, and it’s truly astounding. The video was shot by tourists on a tour of the Formoso River in the tourist town of Bonito, in the Mato Grosso do Sul state.


Struggling to breathe, the little monkey tries to cling to the plants on the riverbank, but the snake is relentless. It cries out as if pleading for help, and its desperation evokes sympathy from the onlookers.

Despite some warnings not to interfere with wildlife, others, moved by the moment, call for help for the monkey. In the background, you can hear someone saying, “Poor thing, he’s desperate, there are children here who will see him die, poor thing.”

At the end of the recording, the images show that the two animals were separated, the monkey was saved, and both the monkey and the anaconda were returned to nature.


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