Jockey Clings to Horse as Stirrup Gives Way; Watch the Video

A breathtaking video shows a jockey holding onto the horse with all his might after the stirrup breaks.

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During a horse race at Hawthorne Race Course, a racetrack located in Illinois, USA, a jockey experienced moments of terror when the right stirrup of his horse snapped, forcing him to grip the animal’s neck with all his strength to avoid falling.


Abel Lezcano managed to somehow hang on, even while dangling, and finished the race still atop the horse. In an interview with BloodHorse magazine, the jockey recounted the harrowing moments he faced: “I started to fall and knew I had only three options. If I let go of the horse and fall, it will continue without me but might harm other jockeys and horses behind me. The horse might get hurt if I let go; it might fall while loose. The second option was if I fell with the horse, it could be bad for both of us. The third option was to hold on with all my might for my life and pray to God for help.”


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