Trans man reveals how he adapted to male body language by observing colleagues

Trans man shares what he learned. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @TheGravelBro
Trans man shares what he learned. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @TheGravelBro

In a video, a trans man shares how he learned about male body language by observing colleagues at work.

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Leo Macallan is an actor, model, author, TikToker, and a keen observer of human behavior. As a transgender man, he has a unique perspective and a much broader outlook when evaluating how people react to everything around them.

After going through his transition, Macallan worked alongside many men who clearly had difficulty accepting transgender people or those they considered in any way ‘different.’ It was then that he had to learn and adapt to a new body language and a characteristic communication style to feel comfortable and show confidence in a more aggressive environment.

To help others who still face, as he once did, difficulties in male-dominated environments, Macallan made a video where he shares what he learned from observing people he worked with and gives tips on how to behave and even how to react to an offensive approach: “If they say something really offensive or are trying to mess with you, all you need to say is, ‘What was that? Can you repeat that?’ and say it loudly.”

In the clip, he talks a lot about the importance of being a good observer: “You need to practice being the observer and not the observed”; “The minute you change that perspective, you can calm down.” He also teaches a bit about male body language and how to mark your space: “I want you to spread out as much as you can.”

His post went viral and already has more than 3 million views; internet users loved Macallan’s attitude, and many congratulated him for the tips: “Dude, you cracked the code, you should write a book,” one of them said.

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