Funny and controversial video: Nurse reveals the most absurd things parents say in the delivery room

Nurse reveals the absurdities she hears from parents. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @Anna.the.Nurse
Nurse reveals the absurdities she hears from parents. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @Anna.the.Nurse

In a funny and controversial video, a nurse even dresses up as a man to showcase the absurd things parents say during the birth of their children.

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When a baby is about to be born, mothers focus on what they are feeling, and it’s no small feat; it’s the natural tension of the moment and the desire for everything to go well. But for fathers, childbirth is usually very stressful. They worry about the mother, the child, and most try everything to make the pregnant woman comfortable.

Well, as mentioned above, most do, because some husbands seem to have no idea what the birth of a baby means and how the whole process unfolds. However, a nurse decided to reveal the biggest absurdities that some fathers say during the birth of their children. Things so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe they were actually said.

Anna Pascarella, a professional who has witnessed many childbirths, shared in a humorous TikTok post some comments she has heard from parents without any empathy for their partners. The video, in which she even dresses up as a man, left internet users in awe.

“Does it really hurt that much?” asked one person, while another decided how things should be handled: “No, no, no, she doesn’t need anything for the pain.” The lack of empathy also extends to financial issues, as some parents reject childbirth analgesics due to costs, and some even refuse to pay the entire hospital bill because they consider the choice of an epidural anesthesia for their wife as a “luxury.”

And if you think that’s the end, there’s more; some fathers complain about how long it takes for the child to be born and even ask if the birth will take long because they have other things to do, or as one of them asked: “When do you think she will have the baby? Because I’m very hungry and need to get food.”

As if all that wasn’t enough, the nurse mentions that she has already heard men complain that their wives are too “loud” or not making enough efforts; “Are you really doing your best?” asked one of them, while his wife pushed and vomited.

And, to finish it all, what women most commented on in the clip, which has already been viewed more than 5.5 million times, were the husbands’ requests for the “husband stitch” or episiotomy, an outdated and controversial additional stitch made by the obstetrician during the repair after vaginal childbirth; “Wait, does something like a ‘husband stitch’ really exist???” asked one person; “I get desperate just thinking about the doctor doing the ‘husband stitch’ without my knowledge or permission,” said another.

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