Airplane passenger performs the world’s greatest kindness for a mother and goes viral; see what she did

The baby was fascinated by crochet. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @kellyryan49
The baby was fascinated by crochet. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @kellyryan49

In the viral video, we see an airplane passenger surprising a mother with an incredible act of kindness

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Social media is often flooded with stories of airplane passengers suffering from the lack of courtesy and empathy from others during a journey. Perhaps that’s why a different story, involving the kindness of an airplane passenger towards a mother, has charmed internet users.

Kelly Levine was looking forward to traveling with her 5-month-old daughter, Romey, to Mexico; she was also concerned about how the baby would behave during the long flight, but she was fortunate as sitting next to her was Meegan Rubin.

Rubin was crocheting to calm her nerves and distract herself during the flight; in the mother’s lap, little Romey observed the needle moving, weaving the yellow yarn. “She just stared at her, mesmerized,” Levine said about her daughter. Rubin, who learned to crochet during the pandemic, enjoyed having such an attentive admirer.

To The Post, the crafter shared that her original plan was to work on a vest, but she was enchanted by how the baby looked at her and decided to do something for the little one: “The baby was so cute and stared at me the whole flight, with wide eyes, watching my hands move”; “The challenge was to finish before the trip ended,” she said.

Right after the plane landed, she gifted Levine a small Italian wool hat with a beautiful pompom. “We didn’t know she was working on it,” said Levine, who was so moved by Rubin’s kindness that she shared the story on TikTok. The post, featuring photos of her cradling Romey while Rubin crocheted beside her, has already garnered over 7 million views.

“You hear about mothers boarding planes with cards saying ‘Sorry for the trouble’ when their kids cry during flights. Everyone prepares to explain or apologize, so the fact that someone was not only so kind and accommodating but also generous made us feel much better about traveling in the future,” said Levine, adding, “You never know who will sit next to you. She was an angel.”

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