TikToker films her own father sleeping squeezed in the airplane aisle during a 15-hour flight and vents: “More space for everyone”

The video made by the TikToker shows her father sleeping squeezed between the airplane seats during a 15-hour flight.

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For those who travel by plane for many hours, getting some sleep and rest can be an almost impossible task; the seats barely recline, the space on the sides is small, and stretching your legs is out of the question. Passengers usually try in every way to find a comfortable position.

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So, a video shared by TikToker Natalie Bright caused controversy by showing her father resting on the floor of an airplane during a long-distance flight. Apparently, he successfully turned the aircraft floor into an improvised bed and slept squeezed in the space between two rows of seats.

“Flying economy for 15 hours? No problem,” wrote the daughter in the video captions. Despite the father appearing comfortable in that tiny space between his seat and the other row, Bright expresses her frustration about the situation: “More space for everyone,” she pleads in her video.

The post generated many comments from internet users; some even questioning if other airlines would allow him to do that and whether lying on the airplane floor would be safe: “Tell him to get up,” begged one. “It’s as bad as the hospital floor!” Others, however, praised his attitude and even found some humor: “The guy was ergonomically built for airplanes,” wrote one TikToker; “That’s so clever, never thought of that,” commented another.

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