TikToker asks for help as her best friend confesses to being in love at the beginning of a long car journey: “there are still 28 hours left”

Rachel is very surprised. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @rachelfoster
Rachel is very surprised. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @rachelfoster

The viral TikTok video shows the woman asking for help after her best friend confesses his love for her.

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Imagine, you’re going on a long car journey with your best friend, and suddenly, he confesses that he’s in love; you’re caught off guard, don’t know how to react, and there are still 28 hours of the journey left; what do you do?

Well, a woman who found herself in this situation asked her followers on TikTok for advice on how to handle that moment. From her expression, we can see she’s in shock and clearly uncomfortable.

The video with the caption “Sending help” quickly went viral and has already been viewed over 3 million times. “Your best friend just confessed his love to you, and you still have 28 hours left of the journey,” she wrote in the post.

Internet users questioned if she felt the same and expressed sympathy for the friend: “Well… do you feel the same ?!” one comment read; Others didn’t like her reaction: “If I gathered the courage to confess my love to someone and that person received me with silent rejection and RECORDED ME, I would never leave the house.”

Since the video was shared, the TikToker has posted several updates about the journey with her friend, and from the images, it’s not entirely clear if they’ve resolved things or if the post was just a joke between best friends.

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