Security camera captures the moment when a man returns a lost purse to its owner and the important message he conveys to her

The moment was captured by the security camera. Photo: Reproduction Reddit @UB1 @UB2
The moment was captured by the security camera. Photo: Reproduction Reddit @UB1 @UB2

The video recorded by the security camera shows the interesting interaction between the stranger who stopped to return the lost purse and the owner of the object.

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The security camera of a house captured the interaction between a lady and the stranger who passed by to return a lost purse. The woman, Georgia Girelli, was, as she says in the video, crying non-stop because of the lost item, probably just thinking about the effort it would take to make new documents and cancel cards.

Unable to open the door to thank the man face to face, she ended up having a brief chat with him through the intercom of her friend’s house, where she was at that moment. The stranger mentioned that he had thought about passing by there the next morning but remembered how devastated his girlfriend was when she lost her purse.

Georgia tries in every way to reward the good Samaritan and even tells him to take the money from her wallet, but he refuses and still conveys an important message: “No, it’s just returning kindness with another,” he replies, adding that he is a firefighter and good deeds are part of his job. “Just do something good for another person,” he concludes. 

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