TikToker asks for help from her followers to choose a bridesmaid dress and ends up being attacked for her choice

Georgia shows her chosen dress. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @georgia_gigi
Georgia shows her chosen dress. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @georgia_gigi

In a video, an Australian TikToker asked her followers for help in choosing a dress to wear as a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding but ended up facing criticism for her decision.

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The Australian TikToker sought assistance from her followers in choosing a dress as a bridesmaid for her sister’s wedding. Her decision didn’t please everyone, and she faced harsh criticism from some who considered the chosen model inappropriate for the occasion.

In her post, Georgia explained the situation: “I’m in an absolute panic about what to wear to my sister’s wedding tomorrow; I’m a bridesmaid, the theme is pink, and we can choose our own dresses.” She shared that she had managed to narrow it down to two options: a beautiful pink model with a floral print, a two-piece with a cutout revealing her stomach; the second option was a tight, also pink and beautiful, sequin-covered dress.

Quickly, internet users started giving their opinions on the models, with many praising Georgia and encouraging her to choose the cutout dress, while others, indignant, criticized the idea of attending a wedding as a bridesmaid wearing such a revealing and attention-grabbing piece.

Some argued that exposing the stomach at a wedding was “concerning,” others said the two-piece dress was not “elegant,” and some women commented that if they were the bride, they would even be angry at their sister for wearing such a provocative and eye-catching model: “I would kill my sister if she wore either of the two,” wrote one of them.

Despite so much negative criticism, Georgia attended her sister’s wedding in the two-piece model and claimed not to regret it. She also made it clear that she had consulted with her sister about what to wear, and the bride commented in the comments, clarifying that she fully approved of her sister’s choice: “Since you’re my bridesmaid, I say 100 percent YES.”

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