Sisters Over 90 Years Old Touch Hearts as They Bid Farewell After Reunion; Watch the Heartfelt Video

In an emotional video, elderly sisters say goodbye after a visit: “If we don’t see each other again on this Earth, we’ll see each other in heaven.”

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Barbara Carolan, 94, residing in Seabrook, Massachusetts, USA, hadn’t seen her 90-year-old sister Shirley, who lives in Nevada, since 2020. The footage of the sisters bidding farewell after their meeting melted the hearts of internet users.


For Barbara, it was clear that, due to her age, she might not have much time left to be with her beloved sister. She decided to travel over 4,000 kilometers to meet Shirley one last time.

Barbara’s granddaughter volunteered to accompany her and document the entire journey. In a heartwarming video, Grandma Barbara waves and blows kisses goodbye as she heads back home.

The images are touching, but they take on a humorous twist when Barbara shouts, “Until we meet again!” and hears Shirley respond with, “WHAT?!” Jokes aside, the video serves as a poignant reminder of how we should cherish life and moments with the people we love.


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