Little actress; on her mother’s shoulders, the girl puts on a show pretending to be a tall woman

In the video, the girl who is on her mother’s shoulders puts on a show by making the funniest faces while pretending to be a tall woman.

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Parents love to put their children on their shoulders, and children, in turn, love the feeling of being taller and being able to see things from an adult’s perspective. But Messi Ross and her daughter took the game to another level.


Ross put her little girl on her shoulders and closed her shirt over her head, so the two of them became a tall and big lady with a little child’s head. Just the strange figure alone is funny, but as they went out shopping, the little girl proved to be a great actress, and everything became even more hilarious.

The little girl knew exactly how to match her facial expressions with her mother’s body movements, making the experience much more fun. Ross shared the footage on her social media, and internet users absolutely loved it.


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