Taylor Swift Lookalike Causes Uproar at Los Angeles Mall; Watch the Video

Video showing a Taylor Swift lookalike causing a commotion at a Los Angeles mall has garnered numerous views and criticism.

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A Taylor Swift doppelganger is facing heavy criticism after creating a real disturbance by publicly impersonating the pop star as part of an internet prank. Ashley Leechin, who boasts over 1.5 million followers on TikTok, appeared at The Grove, a popular mall in Los Angeles, accompanied by “security guards.”


Clips of Leechin being surrounded by ‘swifties,’ as the true singer’s fans are known, quickly circulated on social media and generated a lot of criticism, with some people labeling the prank as irresponsible behavior.

The Taylor Swift lookalike took to TikTok to respond to the negative reactions she received. According to her, the idea came from Victor Galvan, who often posts similar videos on his YouTube account. Leechin explained that she collaborated with Galvan, who hired the security guards, and described the prank as a “social experiment” that was “not meant to be malicious or mock anyone.”


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