In an emotional and inspiring video, an Iranian woman challenges her country’s laws and sings in a historic mosque

The touching video captures an Iranian woman defying laws that prohibit women from singing in public, filling the mosque with her voice

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Even today, acts of civil disobedience are extremely dangerous for women in Iran, but that has never stopped them from fighting for their rights, despite the unfair struggle. In a video filmed by journalist Masih Alinejad, we see a woman in one of the historic mosques in the city of Esfahan, defying the government-imposed law that forbids women from singing in public.

She sings a poem from the Sufi tradition, a mystical form of Islam; her beautiful voice echoes and fills the space with strength, under the condemning gazes of the men present. In a country where women have been killed for daring to question the authorities and challenge established rules, this act of courage is truly impressive.

Even when warned by the mosque’s security, the woman shows no fear. With great composure, she makes it clear that she will only stop when she finishes her song. Faced with such dignity, the man has no choice but to step back.

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