Bride pays over $3,000 for wedding photos and receives simply horrendous images

Bride pays $3,000 for wedding photos and receives simply horrendous images. Photo: TikTok reproduction
Bride pays $3,000 for wedding photos and receives simply horrendous images. Photo: TikTok reproduction

She spent $3,000 to have a beautiful record of her wedding, but only received horrendous photos.

When a bride plans her wedding, she imagines every detail, and one of the most important points in organizing the big day is the choice of the photographer, since they will be the person in charge of capturing the great moments of the celebration and providing good memories for the newlyweds.

However, for Brooke, things did not go as she had imagined. Upon receiving the long-awaited package with the first photographs, she couldn’t believe her own eyes; the images were simply terrible.

Extremely frustrated with the whole situation, Brooke went to TikTok to share her indignation. In her first post, she even asked for help from netizens to, perhaps, improve some of the photos but, when she realized that it wasn’t possible, she decided to tell the whole story.

“Want to see some of the worst first dance wedding photos I’ve ever seen in my entire life?

In short, we received our photos, I was absolutely shocked because they are out of focus, the other photographer is in them. They are just bad, totally bad.

So, I did what any unhappy customer would do and told her I wasn’t happy with the photos, but thought we could fix it. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. All it really did was irritate her, I still haven’t received the things I’m owed. Mind you, I paid this woman $3,000.

And, when I say they are bad photos, I mean, this is the quality, the downloaded quality, of the image of our first dance, of which she only gave us three photos.”

“Or look at this absolute nonsense. Look how beautiful I am.”

And, as Brooke did not receive an appropriate response from the photographer, she continued posting the photographs and explaining what they should actually show:

“This photo specifically will live in my mind, no matter how hard I try to erase it. A little context for what’s happening in this situation: I made flower bracelets for all my 6 aunts, my mother, my mother-in-law and my grandmother, all handmade. I was going to show this to you, but the photographer didn’t take any pictures of the bracelets I handed out.
Instead, she captured this lovely set of images. The following photo was the one that really made me feel very bad about myself.”

“And let’s continue with these weird cuts she made. This is the photo she gave me. She cut it like this, this is the photograph she took! I didn’t edit this.”

“And this is the one I call the ‘cherry on top’. This is Kylie. She is one of my bridesmaids. We have matching tattoos on our feet. At her wedding, we took a picture of us with our matching tattoos. So we did this here. We explained to her what we wanted. This is the picture she gave me.

“And, when I asked ‘Why didn’t you include the foot in the image?’ She replied ‘Oh, scroll down, there’s one with your foot.’”

Brooke explained that the photographer isn’t answering calls from anyone in her family and that the lack of images from her wedding still makes her cry every day. Her posts had thousands of views and generated a lot of outrage among netizens, who believe the bride should try to get her money back, since she didn’t receive the product she paid for. And what would you do in a situation like this?

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