In a historic mission, a probe from the Indian Space Program reveals astonishing images of the lunar surface; watch the video

The Indian space agency unveiled the first images of the Moon captured by the Chandrayaan-3 probe; the video is impressive.

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The images were taken on August 5th when the Chandrayaan-3 probe entered lunar orbit, as reported by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The video showcases craters on the Moon’s surface becoming increasingly prominent as the spacecraft approaches.

Chandrayaan-3 was launched by ISRO on July 14th with the goal of operating a lunar rover, conducting scientific experiments, and achieving a safe and smooth landing on the lunar surface — essentially a successful touchdown of a spacecraft without causing significant damage to itself or its payload. The mission is set to conclude on August 23rd.

If all goes as planned, the mission could establish India as the fourth power to successfully land on the Moon, following the Soviet Union, the US, and China.

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