Alien? Video displays enigmatic creature shape-shifting in the sea; check it out!

A video that has been viewed by millions of people shows an enigmatic creature, like an alien, morphing from one form to another in footage captured in the depths of the ocean.

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We don’t know if aliens really exist; if they do, we don’t know exactly where they come from or where they hide when they pass by. But the truth is, if they are real, they might be at the bottom of the sea.


According to data from the Woods Oceanographic Institute, a renowned research center dedicated to all aspects of marine science and engineering, only about 20% of the ocean floor has been mapped. Some researchers often say that traveling to space is easier than diving to the depths of the ocean; after all, to this day, 12 astronauts have spent a total of 300 hours on the lunar surface, while only three people have spent about three hours exploring the deepest known point, the Challenger Deep, which is 11,000 meters underwater.

So, it’s no surprise that the video of the marine creature, snaking and transforming, displaying different textures and glowing like neon ribbons, impresses anyone who watches it. The creature was captured on film, swimming at over 1,128 meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean. The aquatic metamorphosis was recorded thanks to a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), exploring the sea off the east coast of Africa.

In the clip, you can see something, like a strange object, seemingly just floating, suddenly shrinking and turning into a small black dot. The camera then approaches, and what we see is an extremely strange being, resembling a tiny ship filled with blinking and colorful lights. Undoubtedly, a genuine record of one of the most ‘alien’ creatures ever seen to date.


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