In a hilarious video, a man destroys his own suitcase to avoid paying an extra baggage fee.

A video circulating on social media shows a passenger destroying his own suitcase until it complies with the allowed size.

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A passenger who was informed that his luggage couldn’t board with him because it was too large decided to take matters into his own hands to reduce the size of his suitcase.

Airlines often establish the dimensions for bags, backpacks, and suitcases that can fit in the internal compartments of their aircraft. This frequently leads to heated discussions during boarding, and it’s common nowadays to see people at airports trying to address excess baggage or complaining about the rules regarding what can or cannot be brought onto the plane.


A TikTok user was at Edinburgh Airport in Scotland when she came across a rather unusual scene and decided to capture the moment: a passenger was struggling with his backpack, attempting to remove its wheels. The hilarious video shows a man destroying his carry-on suitcase in an attempt to fit it into the size template.

First, the passenger tries to fit his luggage into the reference frame, but when he fails, he steps out of the line and tries to forcefully remove the wheels by stomping on them until they come loose. His attempts amuse onlookers, and after achieving his goal, he checks if his backpack is now the correct size.

To his disappointment, the luggage still doesn’t have the correct dimensions, so the man goes after the extendable handle of the suitcase, twisting it as much as possible until it comes off. Finally, he manages to fit the suitcase into the tester and gains approval from the airline staff.

His efforts don’t go unnoticed, and he receives applause from travelers who watched his attempts to conquer his baggage. The unidentified traveler then discards the wreckage of his suitcase and finally proceeds to his flight.


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