Father and son find a hilarious surprise in a hotel room; watch the video here

Hotel staff decorated a room for a father and son, and the video of what they did for the pair brought smiles to many faces.

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When you combine a playful dad with a hotel staff willing to make guests happy, the result is sure to be fun. Proof of this is a video shot by a visitor to the Kindersley Quality Inn in Saskatchewan, Canada.


The young man recounts how his father booked a room for the two of them, but in the reservation, he mentioned that his son was a child. That’s when the hotel staff, in an effort to make the duo’s stay more enjoyable, decorated the room in a childlike theme for the “boy” who would be sleeping there.

In a hilarious clip, the young (adult) man, named Cole, shares the consequences of the playful prank his father pulled. Cole’s father already knew what the hotel did for children staying there, so he laughs when they enter the room and Cole’s bed not only has a colorful tent over it but also a matching teddy bear.

The video went viral, and many people praised the hotel staff for their attention to detail and care for their guests. For the father and son duo, what started as a playful joke turned into a memorable experience that will be cherished with fondness and laughter.


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