Viral challenge that has parents breaking eggs on their children’s heads horrifies internet users

A video featuring several mothers breaking eggs on their children’s heads showcases the viral challenge that has left internet users horrified.

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It’s common to hear stories about online challenges taking place on social media, some of which are even funny and others quite dangerous. The newest among them has been named the ‘Egg Crack Challenge,’ which involves parents essentially breaking eggs on their children’s heads.


This ‘game’ has taken over TikTok, with its hashtag amassing more than 33 million views. The clips usually feature parents cooking with their children, only to catch them off guard. Instead of using the side of a bowl, people are using their children’s heads to break the eggs.

The images haven’t been well-received, and many people question the humor or even the purpose of doing such things with children. In the video, we can observe that they don’t know how to react; older children might manage to laugh, but the younger ones are clearly upset.


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