Video of a delivery worker working with a broken foot and using a walker goes viral, touching internet users

The delivery worker continues working despite the fracture. Photo: Reproduction BikingDC
The delivery worker continues working despite the fracture. Photo: Reproduction BikingDC

The viralized video shows the delivery worker explaining why he continues to work even with a broken foot

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A delivery worker who did not stop working even with a broken foot, and his story of strength and resilience, moved internet users; it all started when another messenger, named Joshua Cavallero, found his fellow professional, Kevin, making deliveries by bike with a immobilized foot and using a walker.

“Man, what are you doing? Are you serious?” Joshua asks, to which Kevin replies: “I have bills to pay, man.” Kevin explains that he has been doing this for two weeks and that he was having difficulties because it was dangerous to ride with the walker interfering with the handlebar control.

During the brief conversation, Joshua found out that Kevin had a mobile payment app and asked for more details so that he could try to help in some way, and little did he know how his good deed would benefit the delivery worker. He made a post on Instagram, sharing the story, and it quickly went viral, accumulating more than 5 million views.

Cavallero posted the delivery worker’s Cash App information, along with their encounter video, and received a flood of positive comments, as well as many ‘tips’ for Kevin. According to The Washington Post, which reported the story, Kevin was hit by a car in September and spent two weeks in the hospital. His rent was overdue when he met Joshua, and he was already planning to ask a loan from his neighbor when he checked his app account and saw a balance of $2,400, or more than R$11,000.

Joshua recently made another post to update on Kevin’s situation, who still needed the walker but now had a support on the bike to attach it; Kevin was very grateful for everything Joshua had done and insisted on buying lunch to repay the help he received.

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