TikToker goes viral sharing her tough battle to quit vaping addiction

Account of the Australian TikToker about the use of vape. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @jillie_clarkk
Account of the Australian TikToker about the use of vape. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @jillie_clarkk

Australian TikToker recounts her struggle to break free from vaping addiction and the withdrawal symptoms caused by nicotine cessation in a viral video.

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In the video, Australian TikToker Jillie Clark shares her challenging journey to overcome her vape addiction and the symptoms caused by nicotine withdrawal.

Jillie Clark started using an e-cigarette three years ago; despite never being a smoker, she succumbed to the allure of vaping and became addicted. “Unfortunately, part of it is a social issue. I wanted to fit in and forced myself to learn to vape, and eventually, I became addicted to nicotine,” she revealed to the Australian news website news.com.au.

The vape became a constant companion, and Clark realized that it had become more than just occasional breaks during the day. She noticed that the e-cigarette was the first thing she reached for in the morning and the last before bedtime. Even in the middle of the night, she couldn’t go back to sleep without taking a puff.

Clark had to face the fact that her vaping was out of control, and it was time to quit because she felt nicotine was genuinely affecting her health. Overcoming an addiction requires willpower and perseverance, and Clark has been documenting and sharing her journey on social media, honestly depicting the ups and downs of this battle that brings about various symptoms due to nicotine withdrawal.

“I would say that sleep has been really harder. But I think part of it is due to nicotine deprivation,” she says in the video. “But I definitely know that over time, this will completely diminish. Yes, I think I have more energy, which is interesting. But sleeping is so difficult.”

At some points, she confesses that she almost gave in. Clark reveals that after four days without using the vape, the craving almost won. She was passing by a tobacco store and began rationalizing the purchase of an e-cigarette, thinking that if she didn’t post about it, no one would know, and everything would be okay. “I really felt like I was a meth addict talking to myself in my head,” she said.

“I went through various scenarios, imagining how I would hide it and how I could essentially lie about going to buy a vape. That scared me because at that moment, I realized that this was a real addiction.”

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