Single father wears a dress to celebrate Mother’s Day with his adopted daughter; watch the heartwarming video

The video of a single father wearing a dress to celebrate Mother’s Day with his adopted daughter has touched many hearts.

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In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 12th, and the day is commemorated in a very special way in schools. According to tradition, on this day, children kneel before their mothers to offer them jasmine flowers and express their affection, respect, and gratitude.


However, for some children, this can be difficult because, for various reasons, they may not have their mothers present. This could have been the case for the young student named Nong Cream, a girl who was adopted by a single man named Joe Lookphonbodee.

But Lookphonbodee didn’t just show up at the school event; he came fully dressed for the role. A heartwarming video shows the single father appearing in a wig and a dress, completely surprising his daughter and everyone else present. As soon as she sees her “father/mother,” she jumps into his arms, filled with joy.

To a local TV network, Lookphonbodee mentioned that he had no regrets about making this gesture for his daughter, knowing that the most important thing was to make her feel included. As for Cream, there was no embarrassment; she only felt gratitude and a lot of love.


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