During the renovation of the house, a woman discovers a mysterious suitcase and is horrified when she finds out what was inside it.

Mysterious suitcase found. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @stonestack_renovation
Mysterious suitcase found. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @stonestack_renovation

Videos show the location where the suitcase was hidden, how they reached it, and what they found when they opened it.

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A woman used social media to tell, in three parts, an at least interesting story. The TikToker explains in the videos that she and her partner recently moved into an old house from the 1960s. When the couple started exploring the place, they found a hidden space behind two doors and a curtain.

As the place was small and they were very curious to find out more, the duo decided to crawl inside to see what was there until they reached an area that was blocked. It was there that the woman, with the help of a flashlight, found a silver suitcase hidden in the background and naturally was eager to see what was inside it.

“We didn’t think it was a corpse. There were no obvious signs like no terrible smell and also no flies,” explained the woman in the clip. Finally, the couple managed to reach the suitcase and immediately opened it to check its contents.

Inside the suitcase, there was a smaller suitcase, and inside it, an object that shocked and scared the couple a bit: “In the suitcase, there was a strange doll, I mean, it’s nothing from a horror movie or anything unusual, but it’s really a strange doll. I think it could be a collectible item,” said the woman. “I really don’t know how I feel about it, but here’s just a close-up of the very disturbing doll. And my dog doesn’t seem particularly impressed either.”

The story quickly went viral and has already had over 2 million views since it was shared; internet users, like the homeowner, were intrigued by the doll: “Sell the house… it was doubly protected for a reason,” commented one; “No, they locked her up there for a reason, we’ve just entered 2024, please put her back,” said another.

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