Doctor skates through hospital corridors to celebrate his retirement and goes viral

Doctor skates to celebrate his retirement. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @ChanelandCoke
Doctor skates to celebrate his retirement. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @ChanelandCoke

The video shows the doctor celebrating his retirement, gliding on skates through the hospital corridors with great skill.

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Dr. Phil Masterson, an emergency room doctor from Texas, USA, marked a significant milestone in his career by having a lot of fun on his last day of work. After nearly 40 years, he retired from the practice of medicine in grand style.

Masterson decided to celebrate his recent retirement by skating through the hospital corridors where he worked, bringing much laughter to the staff. Some nurses recorded the scene, and his daughter, Nichole, shared the footage on her social media. The video posted on TikTok quickly went viral and has already garnered over 1.7 million views.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, he shared that he got the idea to showcase his roller skating talent after talking to a friend, also a doctor, who had recently retired: “I’m a great skater,” he said to his colleague, “I think I’ll do this.” He also mentioned that he had been roller skating all his life and, during medical school, used it as a way to relax his body and mind: “For me, it was a tremendous stress relief.”

So, on the night of his final shift, Masterson decided to surprise his team and glided and danced on his skates. In addition to his white coat, he wore a black and yellow sash that read ‘retired.’ Regarding his success on social media, the doctor said it was a pleasant surprise: “I’m quite surprised by the response it had on TikTok”; “I think the video shows my light, how much I was enjoying myself, and how happy I was to retire,” he added.

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