‘Alien’ Takes the Subway in New York and Amuses Passengers; Watch the Video

The video of an ‘alien’ taking the subway in New York has left many people curious about the origin of the ‘extraterrestrial’.

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All of us, gazing at the night sky, observing the stars, ponder on how cool or perhaps frightening it would be to encounter an alien; what it would be like to see one up close, have a chat about life on Earth and the mysteries of the universe.


Perhaps that’s why a video of an ‘alien’ strolling through one of the world’s cities caused such a commotion and aroused so much curiosity. The small greenish being, with an enormous hairless head and big black eyes, amused the passengers of the New York Subway as it wandered through the platforms and experienced public transportation.

Wearing only a T-shirt with an image of Earth and the words “Love Your Mother,” the ET behaved like any good mysterious creature, didn’t utter a word, and used only its hands to interact with the audience.

Many people shared the images on social networks, and numerous internet users had fun with the idea of having aliens among us. The truth is that it was all part of a promotion for the science fiction comedy movie “Jules,” which tells the story of Milton, an ordinary 79-year-old man, and how his life changes when a UFO crashes in his backyard.


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