With the help of her mother, a teacher transforms her students’ drawings into real Christmas gifts

In the video, the teacher explains how she and her mother came up with the idea of turning her students’ drawings into Christmas gifts.

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A teacher and her mother had a brilliant idea to gift the students at Christmas; in a TikTok video that went viral with over 5 million views, the educator shares how it all happened: “Usually, I give Christmas books to my students. I look for some cheaper books, buy a bunch, we play a game where they pass the books around, and in the end, they pick any book they want and can open it.

But, this year, the teacher’s mother suggested a new gift for the children, and she loved it, especially because it involved the direct participation of the students, without them knowing. “So, I gave each of my students a paper with a drawing of a woolen hat and asked them to color it however they wanted, as long as it was in solid colors.

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After everything was colored, it was the turn of the teacher’s mother to take action and knit the hats just the way each child imagined; “Each of them will receive their own hat with the colors they chose themselves.

In the clip, the teacher seems excited about the surprise she is organizing for her little students; “I’m so excited to show them. I don’t know if I’ll give it to them today or if I should wait until our class Christmas party. But they turned out so cute, and I think they’ll be really excited to see their creation come to life.

Many internet users praised the teacher and her mother, as many pointed out, not everyone truly realizes how much work, time, and love went into these little woolen hats. “I tip my hat to your mother; she’s amazing!” wrote one. “People really don’t realize that THIS is the teaching. Passion, deep love, and hard work characterize this profession. THANK YOU to you and your mother!” commented another.

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