Video of girl knocking down street artist’s keyboard and then stealing his money leaves internet users outraged

Video shows the girl knocking down the keyboard and then stealing the street artist’s money; the images have outraged internet users.

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The shocking footage captures the moment when a woman knocks down a street artist’s keyboard while he was playing and proceeds to steal the money he had collected. The girl, who was later identified, has apologized to the pianist, but she has faced heavy criticism and backlash on social media.

First, the woman clears a path among the onlookers who are enjoying Andrew Husu’s performance, and then, suddenly, she pushes the keyboard down with her hand. Husu is startled, but another girl tells him to keep playing the music.


The footage advances into the night, and Husu was still on the sidewalk when the girl returns with friends. “So, this kind of thing happens here and there, so I usually keep playing, but after what was about to happen, I had to stop,” says Husu in the video.

Once again, the girl approaches and pushes the keyboard, but this time with force. The piano ends up on the ground, and while her friends laugh hysterically, the woman also takes the money the pianist had received for his work. The group walks away, leaving not only Husu but also the people around them in shock due to their complete lack of respect and empathy.

Fortunately, people like this are not the majority, and Husu quickly realized that; some individuals helped the artist with his keyboard, and another guy, incredulous at what he had witnessed, offered the pianist all the money he had in his wallet.

After facing negative backlash, the woman took to social media to apologize and asked people to stop attacking her: “the person I owe apologies to has accepted them, and we had a good conversation on the phone, and that’s all that matters, you guys are unpleasant, the way you’re texting me and my family and creating fake pages, you gain nothing from this.”

Husu did indeed accept the apology and, in the video, he asks people not to harass the person who did that to him but issues a warning: “you need to know that all actions have consequences.”


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