In a sad video, a teenager shares disappointment that no one attended the opening of his café

The video shows the disappointment and sadness of the teenager who shared images of his empty café on the day of the opening.

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A teenager from Adelaide, Australia, moved internet users by sharing on his social media the disappointment he felt when no one showed up for the opening of his café. In the footage, 18-year-old Tom Oswald even breaks down in tears due to his profound disappointment.

Oswald opened his café, “Homeboy,” in July, shortly after finishing high school. He had planned to use his TikTok account to document the big day, but ended up capturing his unhappiness at not having any customers on the opening day of his business.


In the heart-wrenching video, Oswald shows his empty café and all the food that was available for sale. It’s clear that he put a lot of effort into the details and was dedicated to his business. In the video’s captions, he wrote, “I opened a café, and no one showed up.”

Many people were moved by the post and encouraged the young entrepreneur to keep going and not lose hope. Oswald hopes that his business will gradually attract customers. He explained to the website, “The café can be a bit quiet at times, but it’s something I hope for, and I don’t get discouraged by it. Quiet days give me time to reflect and research, and busy days teach me the importance of efficiency.”


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