Teacher rushes to break up a fight and ends up having the biggest surprise of her life

The video shows the teacher running to break up a fight between students and having the biggest surprise of her life.

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A high school teacher went from a moment of great tension to one of pure joy thanks to her students and her now-fiancé. A video shared on TikTok shows the teacher running down the school corridor, (in high heels!), clearly very nervous, with a caption that reads: “This high school teacher thought she was running to break up a fight.”

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Immediately after, she rushes into the classroom, ready to separate the students who are at the back, gathered in a tight circle, yelling and making a lot of noise; She makes her way through the teenagers, asking them to stop, and that’s when the teacher has the biggest surprise of her life: her boyfriend, on one knee, holding an engagement ring.

You can hear him propose, and the teacher responds in shock with a yes; the students go wild, celebrating the event by jumping with the colorful posters they made themselves, while the couple hugs and kisses. The video left internet users moved, and many commented with humor on how the teacher rushed to help her students: “Fearless teachers deserve more respect,” said one. “Don’t marry her; she has to join the Avengers,” wrote another.

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