Rare Phenomenon Turns Lake into Stunning Skating Rink; Watch the Video

In the video, the couple can be seen gliding on an “ice window,” a natural phenomenon that causes the water to freeze and become transparent.

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Luc Mehl and Sarah Mehl Himstad were fortunate to skate on the most wonderful skating rink one could imagine; the couple was gliding on a frozen lake near Anchorage, Alaska when they encountered an “ice window,” a very rare weather event.

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The phenomenon occurs when cold and dry weather causes the water to freeze and still remain completely transparent, in this case, allowing the duo to see even the bottom of the lake. In the images, we see translucent and crystalline ice, marked only by the blades of ice skates.

To Reuters news agency, Mehl explained that the condition usually lasts only a week: “And since it took ten years, you know, maybe more, for these conditions to present themselves this year, I think it might take another decade before we can see something like this again,” he said.

The couple shared videos of them skating on the ice on their social media, and the images of the frozen water in a bluish-green hue, with rocks and sand perfectly visible beneath the skates, captivated internet users.

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