Mother spends almost $4,000 in just one day with family at Disney

In the video, the mother shares how, in just one day, with her family at Disney, she spent almost $4,000.

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It’s true that when we go on vacation, we can lose track of how much money we’re spending; we’re having fun, sightseeing, eating different things, and the shock comes when it’s time to settle the bill.


But a mother from Atlanta, USA, seems to have gone a little overboard with spending on a family trip to Disney. According to Summer Reign Henning, she spent almost $4,000 or nearly R$ 20,000 in just one day, but many internet users believe that her visit to the park didn’t need to be so expensive.

In her post, Reign detailed the expenses she had for accommodation, meals, souvenirs, snacks, and of course, park tickets. She complained that the prices are exorbitant, but many people commented on her post that it’s possible to make the same trip without spending so much; Reign responded by saying she wasn’t skimping on expenses. Since it was a birthday weekend, she wanted to give her family unforgettable moments, even if it was costly.


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