Mother sparks controversy by ‘tying’ her triplets’ arms to prevent them from fighting

The video showing the three boys with their arms tied by clothing has stirred controversy among internet users.

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Stressed and tired of her three boys hitting, scratching, and pulling each other’s hair, the mother of four adopted a controversial method to put an end to the fights and brawls among the triplets.

In a video posted on her social media, she shared the ‘trick’ she uses to calm the little ones down. At first glance, everything seems normal, three adorable children wearing blue clothes in a stroller; but upon closer inspection, you will notice that two of the boys have their sleeves tied, while the third one has his hands free.


“It’s the last resort, but it has to be done!” she captioned the clip. “I simply can’t stand there watching them tear each other’s hair out.” The boys don’t seem to mind much, as their sleeves are tied, but their little arms can move underneath the fabric. “We only do this for a minute to help teach them, please don’t worry,” the mother says. “You can tell by their faces that they really don’t mind.”

Many internet users (likely without children themselves) were horrified by her method and criticized her, accusing her of being a cruel mother: “How awful, children with their arms tied,” one person said. “They’re children, not toys,” another remarked.

But others quickly reacted, reaffirming that the mother knows what she’s doing: “I think this is brilliant,” one mother said. “I have two boys the same age, and yes… I completely understand,” another commented.


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