Meet Hobby Horsing, the surprising sport with hobbyhorses created in Finland; watch the video

Video showcases the 2023 Hobby Horsing championship held in Finland, the world’s largest hobbyhorse competition.

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It may seem strange and even funny to many, but hobby horsing, a sport practiced on hobbyhorses, exists and is gaining more and more enthusiasts. The sport was created in Finland, and its popularity among girls grew secretly online. It’s impossible to say exactly when the Finnish hobbyhorse craze began before adults took notice of it.


The sport is a kind of hobbyhorse dressage; the idea is that the rider’s lower body rears up and gallops like a horse, while the upper body must remain upright and still like a rider. The movements have become more elaborate, and for those who watch and think it must be easy, the sport’s practitioners emphasize that jumps, “rides,” and races are physically demanding; in some tournaments, obstacles can reach up to 1.2 meters in height.

Today, there are not only practitioners but also coaches, competitions, and judges; the hobbyhorses have names, breeds, and genders defined by their owners, and hobby horsing events involve not only typical trot and gallop displays but also in-depth discussions about preparation and training.

Another reason behind its popularity is the community. Amateur riders are known for supporting each other, even in tournaments. Everyone is accepted just the way they are. And then there’s the ultimate and most important reason: it’s just good fun. And for those who have never had space, money, or perhaps the courage to start riding real horses, hobby horsing can be a fun and quirky alternative that requires less space and income.


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