Mechanic finds a fortune in artworks in a trash deposit

Mecânico encontra uma fortuna em obras de arte em depósito de lixo. Foto: Instagram / @thewarehousect
Mechanic finds a fortune in artworks in a trash deposit (Instagram / @thewarehousect)

Four years ago, Jared Whipple, a mechanic from Connecticut, United States, stumbled upon hundreds of paintings and art pieces discarded in an abandoned trash deposit.

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After some amateur investigation, he discovered that the pieces belonged to a renowned New York artist, and now Whipple is poised to make a small fortune from the artworks.

After thorough research, Jared found that the owner of the found pieces was artist Francis Hines. The artist, who passed away in 2016, became famous for wrapping canvases, sculptures, and even entire buildings in fabric. In 1980, for instance, he covered the Washington Square Arch with 8,000 meters of white fabric.

Whipple got in touch with Hines’ family and friends shortly after the discovery. They allowed him to keep and sell the pieces. Next month, around 30 pieces of the artist’s production will be on display in two galleries in New York and Southport, Connecticut.

Prices could reach up to $20,000 per piece.

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