In a touching video, an airplane pilot pays tribute to a very special flight attendant: his mother

In the video, the United Airlines pilot takes the airplane’s microphone to honor a very special flight attendant: his mother.

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Cole Doss, a 31-year-old United Airlines pilot, left his passengers on the flight emotional after delivering a heartfelt speech about working with his mother, a flight attendant, for the first time.

After informing the passengers that the weather in Madrid would be very hot, Doss spoke about the importance of flight attendants and that one of the professionals on that plane was not only exceptional but also his mother.


The passengers were surprised, and Doss continued his tribute, saying that she had been his great inspiration to become a pilot and that this would be the first time they would fly together. “She has been one of my biggest supporters in life and in my career, since my first flight lesson.”

His statement received applause, and his mother appeared smiling at the end of the video when the pilot declared, “To my mother, I love you, and to everyone on board, welcome to our familiar skies.”


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