Hilarious Video: Expectant Dad Ties a Watermelon to His Belly to Experience What Pregnancy Feels Like

The hilarious video shows the expectant dad simulating a pregnancy by tying a watermelon to his belly and attempting everyday tasks.

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Only those who have gone through pregnancy know how wonderful it is to have a baby growing inside their belly, feeling its movements, and witnessing its development. But not everything is pure joy and happiness during pregnancy.

Let’s not even mention the nausea, discomfort, and hormonal changes that occur, turning pregnant women into emotional powder kegs ready to explode at any moment. The truth is, as the belly grows, a series of challenges arise, and with the body constantly changing, it’s difficult to face them with grace and delicacy.


To help husbands and future fathers understand a bit of what it’s like to be transformed into a large cocoon, some pregnant women challenged their partners to experience the extra weight attached to their bodies and perform simple everyday tasks such as tying shoelaces or getting out of bed.

The watermelon challenge, which flooded TikTok, is a simple concept where expectant fathers attach a fruit weighing approximately 14 kilograms to their belly and, to make it even more ‘realistic,’ use sleeves on their chest to simulate breast growth due to lactation.

Nurse Hannah Jean, currently 32 weeks pregnant, and her husband recently tried out the trend. In a hilarious video, the couple is seen for the first time testing different fruit sizes for the experiment. Then, it’s pure comedy as Hannah’s husband struggles to pick things up from the floor, put socks on his feet, vacuum, and do other tasks.


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