Impressive Video: Woman Dives Through Narrow Tunnel, Leaving Viewers Breathless

Video shows the diver passing through an extremely narrow tunnel, and the images have been leaving internet users breathless.

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Free diving, also known as breath-hold diving, is the most natural way to explore the seas and oceans, as it is done without the use of breathing equipment.

Enthusiasts of this sport consider it to be a relaxing and liberating practice, but it requires a lot of preparation and training to do it.

Certified diver Kendra Nicole is part of this group of underwater adventurers who love to explore new places and often share their experiences on social media; her videos usually leave people impressed, but one of them has also left many breathless.

The footage begins with Nicole diving into an underwater cave, and she continues to swim until she reaches a tunnel; it’s quite distressing to see how the passage keeps narrowing. Almost at the end, it seems like she will get stuck, but she manages to get through.

In the post’s caption, she jokes: “Think thin, think thin.”

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