Bride Walked Down the Aisle by 15 Men Who Helped Her Escape from Her Criminal Father

Touching Video Depicts Bride Being Walked Down the Aisle by 15 Men Who Assisted Her in Escaping Her Criminal Father.

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A bride moved many people by honoring, during her wedding, the men who helped her arrive at that moment in her life. Ivy Jurgensen, 28 years old, was escorted down the aisle by 15 men who supported her during an extremely difficult time.

On ‘Good Morning America,’ the American morning show, Jurgensen shared that a decade ago, her father was arrested for committing a crime against a child. Thanks to other fatherly figures she had around her, she managed to break free from the abuse she was experiencing at home and became a strong woman with a promising future.


Among the men who took turns escorting Jurgensen to her groom, Tristen, were her biological brother and uncle, her brother-in-law, family friends, and even her physical education teachers. “They played significant roles in my life, protecting and taking care of me when I didn’t ask,” Jurgensen said, “so honoring them was very special.”

Also among them was a school counselor to whom Jurgensen, still a teenager, confided about her father’s crime; the police officer was the person who helped her escape and seek justice. All of them, in some way, played an important role in this bride’s life and her journey.

“Without them, I don’t think I would be where I am today in my life,” Jurgensen said, adding: “It was very emotional, a special moment that I’m very grateful to have shared with them.”


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