Beyoncé Fan Goes into Labor During Singer’s Concert in Los Angeles

The hilarious video shows Beyoncé’s fan during the singer’s concert and shortly afterward in the maternity ward with the baby in her arms.

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Choreographer Sarah Francis Jones went into labor while attending Beyoncé’s concert in Los Angeles, along with her husband, actor Marcel Spears, and ended up giving birth a few hours later.


The couple documented the experience and shared it on social media; in the footage, we see Jones in a silver dress, dancing to the music and having to sit down due to labor pains. The video then cuts to Jones already in the maternity ward, with proud dad Spears holding their little baby, Nola.

Speaking to a local TV station, the couple revealed that the due date was a week later, and at first, they thought it was just normal contractions that occur toward the end of pregnancy. However, by the end of the concert, they realized it was not a false alarm and rushed to the hospital.


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