Ufologist presents alleged alien bodies to the Mexican congress; see here

Video shows ufologist Jaime Maussan’s presentation to the Mexican congress; he displayed 2 bodies of supposed extraterrestrials.

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During a hearing in the Mexican congress in Mexico City, Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan presented what he claimed to be two perfectly preserved “non-human entities.” According to him, tests conducted on the two bodies found in Peru suggested that they were between 700 and 1,000 years old.


In his presentation speech, Maussan said:

“Now, let’s move on to an even more extraordinary item. David Grusch, the U.S. intelligence official who, before Congress, declared that his country possessed non-human biological products and that he knew where they were located (and he told the Pentagon), has so far been unable to share this information with Congress so that they could see the actual non-human biological remains. Today, we will show you two entities that were found in Peru, near a diatomaceous earth mine. These are dissected bodies that were discovered between the cities of Palpa and Nazca in the year 2017. They have been studied by investigative journalists and scientists. Today, you will learn some of the extraordinary conclusions from their research. Let’s now unveil the bodies, which, according to the scientists you will hear from, are non-human entities that are not part of our earthly evolution and, after disappearing, have not been part of any subsequent evolutionary process.”

According to the English newspaper “The Independent,” the ufologist stated under oath in the Mexican Congress that the mummified specimens “are not part of terrestrial evolution” and that in tests, “1/3 of the DNA from the bodies was ‘unidentified’.” However, the newspaper also noted that other findings by Maussan were debunked; in 2017, he claimed to have found bodies in Peru that he said were extraterrestrial, which were later confirmed to be those of children.


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