Wife tries to make a pregnancy announcement in a different way to her husband and ends up creating a hilarious video

Codie discovers the special announcement. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @lizroseshort
Codie discovers the special announcement. Photo: Reproduction TikTok @lizroseshort

Liz Rose Short attempted to make a pregnancy announcement to her husband, Codie, in a different way, but with changes in the plan, she ended up filming a very funny reaction.

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Liz Rose Short shared with TODAY.com that she loves to make creative pregnancy announcements for her husband, Codie. When she was pregnant with her two previous children, she organized a treasure hunt and wore a jumpsuit with the special announcement. This time, for her third pregnancy, the story is different and hilarious.

Playing with the phrase “bun in the oven,” Liz used a single bun to announce the pregnancy to Codie. She placed the bun in the oven and closed it so that when her husband came home, he would encounter the surprise.

That was the plan, but shortly after putting the bun in the oven, Codie called Liz to remind her that he would be quick to help with dinner that night. She rushed to the car and tried to get home before him, but, of course, he arrived first.

In hopes of helping, Codie preheated the oven until the fire alarm started going off, prompting him to call Liz, who ran home and immediately started filming him. In a funny way, he looks very confused until she explains the pun, and he understands the happy news through a sublime euphoric reaction. More joy with another bun on the way!

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