Restaurant claims that a ghost triggered the motion sensor alarm; watch the surveillance camera video

Restaurant claims that a ghost triggered the motion sensor alarm

The restaurant, which posted the security video on social media, claims that a ghost set off the motion sensor alarm.

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The Library restaurant in New Hampshire, USA, shared a video that shows a figure, like a small cloud or smoke, passing by outside its main entrance. The shadow is not accompanied by any wind, and no nearby plants are moving. There was also no one close enough to be smoking or vaping to cause such an illusion.

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The Library is located in the Rockingham Building, which has a long history of alleged hauntings and strange encounters. The building was constructed in 1785 but was severely damaged by a fire in 1884 and then rebuilt, since then it has had a reputation for being haunted.

In the nighttime footage, we see the street in front of the restaurant, all quiet and peaceful when suddenly, a white shadow passes by as if floating past the security camera. Shortly afterward, we see the police arriving to check the alarm that was triggered.

“Our building, the Rockingham, is well-known for its ghosts, especially those in the Library’s basement. Last night, for the first time, our motion detector alarms INSIDE the building were triggered by this camera-captured movement in the dead of night, outside the window. The internal motion detectors cannot see what the external camera sees!” the restaurant wrote in the post.

“It’s not car lights because you can see how others are picked up, and there’s no horizontal wind blowing. So, what could it be? Say what you want, but this has never happened before! Spooky coincidence for the time of year?” noting that Halloween is approaching.

Internet users were divided, with some accepting the paranormal claims, while others, more skeptical, believed it was just vapor or mist. “I’ve been to the Library many times, and I assure you there’s a female ghost in the bathroom area on the lower floor,” one said; “It looks like vapor, like moisture and wind. Strange that it was detected by the motion sensor,” another commented.

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