In a Short and Fun Video, Woman Shares Foolproof Trick to Use Every Last Drop of Ketchup

In a quick and fun video, a woman shares a foolproof trick to use every last drop of ketchup from the bottle.

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When the ketchup hasn’t run out yet, and there’s still a little left at the bottom of the bottle, we try everything to get that last bit of condiment out. But no matter how much we shake, tap, or squeeze, the sauce just won’t come out.


However, an Instagram user has shared a trick that can solve this problem. In the video posted on her page, she demonstrates an easy, quick, and amusing way to make all the ketchup flow smoothly from the bottle.

Her post gained popularity among internet users, and many commented on their thoughts about the idea. One person said, “Oh my God, I’ve been doing this for years, but I thought I was the only one because my family and friends thought I was crazy.” Another wrote, “Hahaha, this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. But it works!”


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