Hilarious Video: Woman Records Her Sleepwalking and Goes Viral with Nightly Dance Moves

A woman recorded her sleepwalking, and the video of her nighttime dances is laugh-out-loud funny.

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Anyone who has encountered a sleepwalker knows it’s nothing like the cartoons or even in movies, where the person gets out of bed and walks with arms stretched forward. In reality, during a sleepwalking episode, a person can talk, walk, eat, and even perform everyday tasks.

These episodes can be truly frightening for those around and also for the sleepwalker, who remembers absolutely nothing the next morning. But Celina, a TikTok user, now knows what she’s up to during her sleepwalking episodes. A camera installed in her room captured footage of her nighttime antics, and they are hilarious.

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In the quickly viralized video, Celina sits up in bed with wide-open eyes and starts saying completely nonsensical things: “There are goats. There are seven goats,” she says before getting out of bed and doing a very funny dance. She continues to utter random phrases before lying down on a bench and declaring, “I want a grilled cheese, okay.” At one point, she appears at the door and says, “I am Chris Hanson,” for those who don’t know, a famous crime show host.

To the variety site Buzzfeed, Celina said that watching the footage of herself is like seeing a completely different girl: “Sometimes it doesn’t seem believable, and even when I watch, I’m like, I can’t even post this because people will think it’s staged, and I hate that because I want to show every minute because I find it very funny.”

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a U.S.-based NGO providing information on sleep-related issues, about 50 to 70 million people worldwide face difficulties sleeping. Among the problems are classic insomnia, snoring, sleepwalking, among others.

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