Hilarious Video: Squirrel Plays Dead, Deserving of an Award-Winning Performance

The viral video showcases a squirrel’s remarkable talent for theatrics as it pretends to be dead to grab its owner’s attention; its performance is Oscar-worthy.

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We are aware of the intelligence of many animals, yet some species still manage to astonish us with their cleverness. A video that went viral on the internet demonstrates the undeniable acting skills of a flying squirrel.

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The images that had internet users in stitches were supposedly captured in Thailand and depict the riveting drama staged by the rodent to attract its owner’s attention. The little creature stages its incredible ‘murder’ by a broom, and its performance is simply brilliant.

It somersaults to find the right position, arranges a broom handle on its chest, and drops the rest of its body extended on the ground as if it had been ferociously attacked. To complete the already amusing scene, it sneakily glances around to check if anyone is watching.

One of the best performances ever shared on social media in recent times, undoubtedly a serious contender for an Oscar.

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