During a long flight, an ill-mannered passenger blocks the TV screen of the person in the seat behind, causing outrage

The video depicts the lack of courtesy of an airplane passenger who, with his hands, blocked the TV screen of the person seated behind him.

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A video circulating on social media has left many people infuriated. In the footage, we witness how the lack of manners of some individuals can impact the well-being and good mood of those nearby.

In the clip recorded during a long-haul flight by a passenger who, quite understandably, was greatly bothered by the situation, we can see hands, apparently belonging to a man, placed behind his headrest, completely covering the TV screen positioned behind him. He intertwines his fingers and at one point even ‘drums’ on the small screen.

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Internet users quickly reacted to the viral video; in the comments, many suggested ways to retaliate against the lack of consideration: “Pretend to sneeze and throw some water on him,” someone suggested. “You should have held his hands,” wrote another.

However, others believed that filming and sharing the scene was not the right thing to do; some online users urged the disturbed passenger to find a more appropriate way to resolve the issue: “Communicate. It’s not so difficult to politely ask them to stop what is causing the problem. Usually, it’s just a simple mistake, and they apologize and stop,” advised one person. “If you don’t say anything, you deserve it,” concluded another.

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